physical. 04/28/11

“Odd Lifts” Thursday!

Maces, hammers, and kettlebells.

Today we did:
3/1 ratio, “Odd Lifts” vs. “Get Your Ass Off The Ground”*

1 set of 90/ 30
1 set of 60/ 20
1 set of 30/ 10

*All “GYAOTG” movements must be performed with the corresponding “Odd Lifts” implement in hand.

Stick with one implement per set (I.E. don’t use hammer & mace in your “90” round) and no more than 2 motions per set in both “Odd Lifts” and “Get Your Ass Off The Ground”.

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Posted: April 28th, 2011
at 8:33pm by Wolf Brigade

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